Towertale, the Filipino-made game with full Tagalog support, is out now on the Switch


Not only is Towertale made and published by Filipino teams, it also supports the native language!

Almost a year after landing on Steam, MiSou Games, and Keybol Games’ quirky co-op title, Towertale, finally arrives on the Switch. Along with it are some major updates and changes, which the PC version also received.

With the release of the Switch version, Towertale now supports 3 languages — English, Filipino, and Dutch. The additional key features added to the game inlcude:

  • Co-op mode up to 4 players
  • Alternative storyline for co-op
  • Unlockable illustrations in the Gallery
  • Scenario Select Menu
  • Filipino and Dutch localization

The co-op and single-player storylines are separate from each other. Although somewhat connected as the tail end of the single-player story connects with the co-op one. You can check out Tower Tale on Steam and on the Nintendo eShop: