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Not only was the mini-Nintendo direct a surprise, the live stream also came with several shocking announcements! It turns out that Nintendo and 2K games have a special collaboration, and some of 2K’s most beloved titles are coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Play through Rapture, Columbia, Pandora, and many more!

There are three main franchises hitting the switch from 2K’s vault: BioShock, Borderlands, and XCOM 2. BioShock: The Collection is up for grabs as well as the individual remastered games from the series. These include Bioshock 1 and 2, and Bioshock Infinite. Likewise, the Borderlands Legendary Collection is also hitting the switch. This includes the Borderlands 1, 2, and the pre-sequel. Capping the list off is the XCOM2: Collection which contains the base game, 4 DLCs and the War of Chosen expansion.

The collection of 2K games is set for release on May 29, 2020. For the latest updates regarding these titles, follow Nintendo’s website here.

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