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Guess who’s back

Ready for the upcoming update in March 23 for consoles and on April for PC Players, the next free title update of Monster Hunter World Iceborne, features 2 Variants, The Raging Brachydios, and Furious Rajang, and many more.

Furious Rajang is always in an enraged state, the one mechanic that makes it different from normal Rajang is its tail. For normal Rajang, when you cut-off its tail, it can no longer go to an enraged state. However, furious Rajang already has a cut tail, so hunters will have to deal with him being enraged the whole fight. What makes him dangerous, is that it gains more mid and long-range attacks, making it dangerous at any range.

Raging Brachydios is a lot slower than a normal Brachydios. However, it has very large AOE attacks. Additionally, attacking his Slime-covered body will cause it to fall on the ground and explode immediately. On meeting a certain threshold, Raging Brachydios will go to one of the area in the volcanic region of the Guiding Lands, where it covers the entire place in explosive slime and blocking all exits. These walls that block the exits are only one way, meaning you can go inside, but not outside.

Both these variants will have its own unique armor and weapon designs than those of its normal counterparts. Speaking of equipment, layered weapons will be coming to the game. It has a different mechanic than layered armor, in which, it is an augmentation. However, not all weapons will have the layered augmentation.

The Hunter Helper feature will also be updated. Now, by helping hunters with lower MR than you, you can receive armor spheres, Golden/Silver Eggs, as well as feystones. They Guiding Lands also gets a new feature, called the Banishing Ball. This item, can only be used by the host, but it allows the monster hit by it to immediately try to leave the locale.

The next Seasonal event is the Full Bloom fest, in which the main theme is roses. This will start on April 10, and comes with an elegant looking event armor. New event quests will be coming, containing materials to craft exclusive/wacky gear.

Future updates include the return of Kulve Taroth in Master Rank. Instead of a Siege for 16 players, the MR Kulve Taroth will be just a normal 4 player slay quest. This new evemt quest, will allow you to upgrade your Kulve Siege weapons to an acceptable MR level. Additionally, Arch-Tempered Monsters will be returning to Master Rank, in which the first one will be Namielle.

Finally the returning fan-favorite monster for the next free title update is none other than Alatreon. This elder dragon can harnest all the elements in the Monster Hunter world. While no other details were revealed, we can expect it to be as fierce as it was in previous games. Alatreon is set to release on May 2020 for both consoles and PC. Stay tuned for a future developer diary for more updates

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