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Some interesting titles from Epic Games Store for your quarantine needs!

This week in Epic Games Store’s episode of free to get games, we’re getting two interesting titles — The Stanley Parable and Watch Dogs. Both critically acclaimed games are free to get from the store starting today until March 26.

What was once a free mod for Half-Life 2 became its own standalone title. That’s the story of The Stanley Parable, a completely story and decision-driven game. There’s zero combat or action here as players control a silent protagonist, Stanley, as he explores his office building. Accompanying Stanley is a narrator who introduces choices along the way. Players can either obey or disobey these suggestions which will then have an impact on the overall story. An expanded edition is in the works with a projected 2020 release date. So, now might be the best time to experience The Stanley Parable.

Next up we have a game that has already made a name for itself, Watch Dogs. The 2014 action-adventure follows the story of hacker Aiden Pearce in his quest of vengeance for his niece. The game allows cooperative and competitive online multiplayer for up to eight individuals. It features an open-world environment, free-roaming, day and night cycle, dynamic weather, and puzzle-solving through hacking. A sequel followed suit back in 2016 and a third one is already in development.

You can get both of these titles over at the Epic Games Store.

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