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It truly was a deep dive with all the technical terms and explanations!

Sony just concluded its deep dive into the next-generation PlayStation. For those that were hoping and waiting for the much anticipated reveal of the PS5, you may have to keep on waiting a little while longer. The stream was more for developers since this was originally intended to be presented during the Game Developers Conference but, there were still a few details revealed and confirmed. Hopefully, this can tide the hunger of gamers for now.

Faster Developer Familiarity

Every generation, developers need to study and familiarize themselves with the new architecture. Compared to the PS4 which took around 1 to 2 months, Sony claims it has reduced the time needed for developers to understand and utilize the capabilities of the PS5 to less than a month. This can mean that more polished and optimized games may come sooner rather than later in the console’s life span.

Shift to SSD storage

One of the PS5’s biggest changes apart from the upgraded internals was the shift to SSD storage. The target of the next-gen console is to offer 100x faster game load times than the previous generation. As for expandability, it will support certain M.2 SSDs thanks to a drive bay on the console. However, the external drive must be compatible with the spec of the internal storage in order for it to work. Another issue is the size of the drives. Some M.2 SSDs have large heatsinks that may not fit the drive bay. So Sony is advising to hold off on those M.2s upon the launch of the PS5.

Backward Compatibility

After months of speculations and rumors, backward compatibility was finally confirmed. However, there were a few caveats that should be noted:

  • Only PS4 titles were confirmed.
  • While the top 100 most popular PS4 titles were confirmed to be tested and working, not all PS4 titles may be compatible at launch.
  • Depending on the game, support for higher framerate may be limited.

Hardware Raytracing

Similar to the Xbox Series X, the PS5 will also support raytracing. This comes to the surprise of no one as the PS5’s GPU is based on AMD’s new GPU architecture, RDNA2 or Big Navi as some would call it, was already confirmed to support hardware raytracing.

Dedicated Audio Engine

The PS5 will feature the Tempest 3D Audio Engine which should better represent audio placement and clarity for improved immersion.

Release Date

There was no specific date mentioned, however, Sony stated that the PS5 will release at the end of the year. This is consistent with previous reports regarding the availability of the console.

And that was it! As of now, we have to wait on more updates regarding the PS5. Including the much-awaited reveal of its looks. If you wish to watch the entire stream head on over here.

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