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Its Steam Page is now online!

After a swirl of rumors, critically acclaimed Playstation Exclusive, Horizon Zero Daw is finally coming to PC. We now have official confirmation from Playstation Worldwide Studio’s head Hermen Hulst, the game, with all its DLCs is headed releases on Steam this summer. The full interview can be viewed here.

PSB: Speaking of experimentation, there have been rumors of a Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition that might be coming to PC… can you confirm or deny that?
HH: Yes, I can confirm that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC this summer…. There will be more information coming from Guerrilla, from the new studio directors [Michiel van der Leeuw, JB van Beek, and Angie Smets] pretty soon.

When asked regarding future exclusives coming to PC. Hermen Hulst said that this does not signal that every exclusive will come to PC. While no other details were provided, we can stay tuned for future information from Guerilla Games themselves. Meanwhile, the Steam store page for the game is now up. So add it to your ever-growing wish list if you you’ve been waiting for it since the rumors started.

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