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Plants vs. Zombies 3 enters soft launch in the Philippines!

The third entry into the popular nature defense game opens its doors to the general public. Well, somewhat as Plants vs. Zombies 3 soft launches in the Philippines.

plants vs. zombies 3

Plants vs. Zombies 3 leaves alpha behind as it finally soft-launched in the Philippines. More countries will follow suit soon before the game enters full release. PvZ 3 shifts to a portrait orientation rather than the conventional landscape the game’s been known for. The biggest changes, however, comes in the form of constant sunlight generation and in visuals. Gone are the days of having to strategically place Sunflowers for sunlight and we’re now getting full-on 3D graphics instead of 2D. The game will be following a free-to-play format but with microtransactions. There’s also a strong emphasis on player interactions as you can share seeds, strategies, and even compete for prizes. For fans in the Philippines, here are the download links — Android | iOS. Other countries will have to wait a bit longer to join the soft launch.

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