Mineski Global partners with PCCL to usher a new era of Collegiate Esports in the Philippines


Mineski and PCCL has entered a partnership to bolster the Philippine Collegiate Esports scene!

Yet another historic day in Esports as Mineski Global, a leading international entity in Esports, partners with the Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) to give birth to a comprehensive Youth Esports Program and tournament dubbed the National Interschool Cyber League (NICL).

The PCCL, as you might have known, is the institution behind the country’s nationwide Sports competitions. Better known for their management of the PCCL-NCC, where basketball associations around the country compete to be national champions. A league where renowned institutions such as the UAAP, NCAA, and CESAFI are all part of. However, they now wish for Esports to partake in the same limelight. Hence, the agreed partnership with Mineski Global.

Mineski, the organization we believe requires no formal introduction. Spearheaded by Mr. Ronald Robins, the once small group of competitors has now grown into a full Esports entity. Just in December of 2019, the company opened their Global Headquarters right here in the Philippines. Incidentally, this is where all the action will be once the two organizations begin with their planned Esports program.

Mineski PCCL

So, what does the PCCL and Mineski Global hope to achieve with their newfound partnership? Well, first off, similar to what we already have in the sports scene, the two companies will organize a nationwide Esports tournament — the National Interschool Cyber League. This tournament will have schools around the Philippines send representatives to compete in Esports events on a national level. The tournament will start as early as this summer with the Qualifiers. Then Regionals will take place by June up until December. December also marks the start of the Nationals.

Mineski PCCL

However, Mineski Global’s aim is not just to create a national collegiate tournament for Esports but to also introduce a more comprehensive Esports program. Behind the scenes of tournaments, Mineski will engage partner institutions in various activities. Such as training, coaching, and developing a full career path for students wishing to enter the Esports scene. This is where the Youth Esports Program (YEP) come in. Under YEP, Mineski has drawn up plans for on-campus activities to promote responsible gaming, the possibility of an Esports career, and to legitimize Esports as a part of a school’s athletic program.

This includes seminars, lectures, and trainings in talent & team management and the different aspects of Esports. For all parties involved — the school, the athletes, and most importantly, the parents. Partner schools will also be able to access state-of-the-art Esports equipment provided by Mineski. Not only that, but the company aims to create Esports labs in schools around the country. A place where athletes can train and be coached. Ultimately, the goal of both institutions is to push the Philippine Esports scene forward by targeting the grassroots level. Much like how the PCCL revitalized the Basketball scene in the Philippines by targeting the grassroots level. Also known as our Youth, which in this case are our collegiate athletes.