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Dota Underlords is ready to spread its wings with Season One!

In about 3 days, Dota Underlords will leave the shadows of Early Access. Along with it is the game’s first season. Check out our first impressions of its Open Beta here.

To commemorate the arrival of Underlord’s first season, Valve will be conducting a “Launch Party”. Favorite Twitch personalities will be doing a day full of Underlord matches for the community. Of course, all of the Beta players hard work won’t be left unnoticed. Beta players will keep the following going into official launch:

  • Players get to keep their Major Ranks. Minor ranks, however, will reset. The shifts will apply to Standard, Duos, and Knockout ranks.
  • Players who reached Level 5 in Protopass will receive two Beta Season boards. The Path to Sunbreeze and Streets of White Spire boards will also be available for Level 5+ Beta season players.
  • Additional rewards for players who reached Level 5 is a golden Ricky Ravenhook board prop and a Beta Season wanted poster.

As a last bit of news, the new features arriving at launch are those very props and titles mentioned earlier. Boards and Wanted posters will be customizable come Season One. If you want to try out Dota Underlords before launch check out the download links below:

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