Fire Emblem: Three Houses gets a new DLC featuring a fourth house


DLC Wave 4 introduces the Ashen Wolves house!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will soon no longer have just three houses thanks to the introduction of Ashen Wolves. The new house is part of FE:3H’s DLC Wave 4 coming February 12th, 2020.

DLC Wave 4 is part of Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ expansion pass and will be its first this year. Alongside the Ashen Wolves is the Cindered Shadows side story. The members of the house will have no teacher to guide them. So, it’s the players’ prerogative to recruit the four new characters from Ashen Wolves (Balthus, Hapi, Yuri, and Constance). The DLC will also feature new classes, quests, paralogues, and activities. Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ DLC Wave 4 is now available for purchase with a price tag of $24.99 (~Php 1,272). Those who have the Expansion Pass though need only wait until the official release.