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Easy PC starts the year with the opening of their TouchPoint branch!

Easy PC, a well-established retailer of PC components and peripherals, opens the year with a bang as they unveil their newest branch dubbed TouchPoint. The newly minted store is located at Vinia Residences in Philam, Quezon City. Its focus is to provide customers with a more immersive store experience.

As the name suggests, TouchPoint’s main selling point is that it allows customers to “touch” and directly experience the products on display. These products range from pre-built rigs, mice, keyboards, and headsets. Basically, whatever’s out in the open is free for all to touch and experience. By doing so, TouchPoint gives customers a chance to try out products in the flesh before purchasing. Of course, the store has more to offer than what they have on display.

Customers are still welcome to purchase PC components or build their own custom rigs, should they wish. Apart from offering a more hands-on approach to products, TouchPoint is easily one of Easy PC’s larger and more modern looking stores. They’ll open for business tomorrow, January 16. So, if you’re on the market for some new peripherals and want a taste of em first, then head on over to Easy PC TouchPoint.

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