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Update (January 15, 2020): Added download links to Google Play and Apple App Store versions.

We’re finally getting closer to the release of New Gunbound!

Pegged to have been released late last year, we finally have updates about New Gunbound. A release date is not yet in sight, although we do have the dates for Closed Beta testing — January 15-22.

New Gunbound aims to capitalize on the successful formula of its predecessor while adding a few new tidbits of its own. However, it won’t be exclusive to PC anymore as we’re getting cross-platform support with mobile (iOS and Android). Fans of the original release will quickly recognize the classic lobby from the olden days. Although we do have a few new additions, so this isn’t just some reboot:

  • Real-time mode for mobile users, classic turn-based will still be available though. No word if PC will get the same feature.
  • PvE elements such as Adventure Mode and Boss Mode.
  • Additional cosmetic items for customizing the looks of characters and mobiles.

Pre-registrations for the game are still open over at the official website. There are currently no open registrations for Closed Beta access. However, for iOS, there’s a limit of just 10,000 users. Meanwhile, there were no announced limits for Android. So, we’re guessing anyone can just download and play. Just in case, here are the download links — Android | iOS. Do note, that this is only open in Southeast Asia. We’ve checked and the app is not available in other Play Store or App Store regions.

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