Mounts, Mounted Combat, New DLC gallops their way into Conan Exiles


The much awaited feature is finally here!

After a botched attempt early into the life cycle of Conan Exiles, Funcom finally found a way to incorporate mounts, and mounted combat, into the Game. Once the update rolls out to their respective platforms, players will now be able to tame and ride horses in the Exiled Lands. As of writing though, only the Xbox One has received the much-coveted update. PC and PS4 will follow suit at 2 pm and 1 pm CET, respectively (8 and 9 pm, Manila time). We’re also getting a new DLC in the form of Riders of Hyboria.

As with the initial pet system, mounts will also require players to grab a baby version of the animal, in this case a foal, and raise it to become an adult. To do this, players would have to build the new Stable building. Raising the foal to an adult horse works the same way with Animal Pens. These mounts will also have varying stats and can be equipped with different saddles, unlocked at Level 20. These saddles change the way the mount operates. There are currently three available Saddles:

  • Cavalry – Fastest of the saddles in terms of speed and acceleration but only provides minimal defense and maneuverability.
  • Scout – Prolongs sprint time and maxes maneuverability but only provides medium speed and low defense.
  • Warhorse – Beefs up your mount’s defense to the max but lowers its acceleration, minimum speed, and maneuverability.

Along with the mounts comes mounted combat. Players are allowed to carry their favorite weapons to battle on top of their trusty steed. These include all the currently available weapons and the new Lance archetype. We’re also getting a new leveling system for pets and thralls. Basically, these trusted partners are now able to gain levels, which brings about new skills and perks. Pet and Thrall growth will be unique for each and every one you spawn in the world. Meaning, no follower will be the same.

They gain experience by joining you in combat, though their growth won’t be affected by any other activity outside of killing enemies. Lastly, Funcom added a follower limitation system or cap. So, players will have to decide which pet or thrall to keep in the long run. These feature will be optional in private servers though and in official serves in the future. Although for now, be wary of the number of followers you tame and recruit.

Last but not least, we have the Riders of Hyboria DLC pack. This brings added weapon and armor skins in the game as well as new buildings to “beautify” the home of your mounts. We’re also treated with some special horse armors to further customize our mounts. The mount and mounted combat update is free, while the DLC will probably be priced at Php 289.95 (~$5.70)