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Couch Co-op evolves through Steam!

After holding a month-long beta, Steam finally introduced to the general public Remote Play Together. Touted as their newest multi-player feature, further improving on online co-op gaming.

Remote Play Together is basically a feature allowing players to play couch multiplayer games with their friends, online. Yep, those titles where you normally have to physically be together to play can now be accessed remotely, hence the name. That’s not all though, as this feature also allows players using the Steam Link app on iOS and Android to join in. Making it a sort of cross-platform affair. What’s more is that, only one player needs to own the supported title, then they’ll be able to send invites even if the other players don’t have the game installed or have it in their library. Then to commemorate this new feature, Steam is currently holding a sale, featuring various multiplayer titles. Check out the featured items over here.

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