divinity original sin the board game

Divinity Original Sin the Board Game now on Kickstarter


Divinity goes full analogue!

Larian Studios, the company behind Baldur’s Gate and The Divinity series, in partnership with Lynnvander Studios just launched the Kickstarter campaign for Divinity Original Sin the Board Game. That’s right, this time the Divinity series is going to the other end of the gaming spectrum, tabletop.

Larian Studios is no stranger to the Kickstarter Platform. In fact, two of their Divinity titles went through crowdfunding campaigns. Only this time, the studio is taking its project to the tabletop world. As the name suggests, this is a board game adaptation of The Divinity video games, Divinity Original Sin II to be exact. It introduces new and original characters, crafting, dice combat, and an interesting Chronicle System. Divinity Original Sin the Board Game is a cooperative, story-driven RPG for up to four players. Progression is dictated by a storybook where players decide where to go and how to respond to events. It has the elements of your typical dungeon crawling miniature board game but with some unique additions.

Now on to that Chronicle System, which is somewhat similar to the Legacy System. As a quick refresher, the legacy system is basically a feature where the decisions players make in the game are final or permanent and will shape the direction and ending of their adventures. As a result, some of these choices come with consequences and in the long-run, even prevents players from repeating the game. In retrospect, the legacy system makes a game a unique one and done affair. However, some games do have what we call “Reset Packs”, which you can purchase to essentially reset its story for another playthrough.

So, the Chronicle System is basically a variant of this Legacy System but without the hefty consequences. Meaning, players are able to maintain a certain uniqueness but with an easier option of resetting the game. To do this, the devs created a sort of save file and the easy option of just starting again. That save file is your Character Sheet, which you can easily set aside and store if you wish to start over or come back to it. In addition, this system has a Chronicle Sheet, where you record your choices during a playthrough. Finally, the devs are also giving players the chance to send over these Chronicle Sheets to affect the direction of future expansions and games. Meaning, players have some sort of a direct impact on development.

Campaign-wise, as of writing the game is already 224% funded and has over 2,042 backers. It still has 29 days to go until completion but is already fully funded. Either way, check out the possible pledges below.

  • Standard Edition ($120, ~Php 6,101) — Includes the base game and unlocked stretched goals.
  • Premium Edition ($165, ~Php 8,389) — Includes the standard edition + the boss upgrade pack, metal coin set, extra dice, and upgraded leather bags.
  • Extended Edition ($220, ~Php 11,186) — Includes the standard edition + the boss upgrade pack, extra dice, upgraded leather bags, and Side Quest Box 1 & 2.

Shipping is available globally and the estimated date of delivery is on October 2020. You can check out the full campaign details here.