Rainbow Six Siege’s Season 4: Operation Shifting Tides introduces 2 new operators


The last season of the year 2019!

With the conclusion of Rainbow Six Siege’s Japan Pro League Finals, Year 4 Season 3 comes to a close with the reveal of Operation Shifting Tides, the last Season this year. This new Operation introduces some small Quality of Life improvements, the much awaited rework of a 2 year old map, and of course 2 new Operators that looks to turn the tides of the current meta.

The Attacker introduces in this season is the game’s first Bolt Action Sniper Operator: Kali. This Indian Operator has one primary: the CSRX 300 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. This high powered rifle can penetrate through soft walls, leaving a small hole. The penetration power of this rifle can cause penetration through different defenders, meaning a well-placed shot can earn you multiple kills with just one bullet.

The damage of this rifle causes a DBNO on body shots and an insta-kill on headshots. It can also destroy wooden barricades and unreinforced hatches with just one bullet. To balance this out, whenever she shoots, a trail is left behind for the defenders to see, exposing her location. Additionally, when defenders are downed by a body shot, they automatically face where the shot was fired. This sniper rifle also comes with a 5x and 12x.

But there’s more, her gadget causes her to shoot the LV Explosive Lance, which explodes on both sides of breachable walls. Yes, it includes reinforced walls. While having negligible damage on operators, it damages enough to destroy any gadget near walls, which includes, Mute’s Jammers, Kaid’s Electroclaw, and Bandit’s Batteries, making her a good alternative for Thatcher.

Additionally, you can shoot the lance near/at deployable shields, Castle Barricades, Barbed Wire, and other gadgets to destroy them. This provided her exceptional utility. The Defender is the Kenyan Operator Wamai. Having IQ’s AUG-A2, and Mute’s MP5K as Primaries. He is equipped with the Mag-Net System, a throwable disc that attaches to any surface.

This disc attracts and Attacker projectiles to it, if it was grenades: it resets their timer, and explodes once it is attached to the gadget. This includes a variety of projectiles, including Kali’s Lance, Thatcher’s EMP grenades, Ash’s Breaching Charge, Nomad’s AirJab, Grenades and more, as long as it has line of sight. A well placed Mag-Net can cause grenades to backfire to the ones who threw them. This is a good alternative to Jaeger, and interesting strategies can arise from this gadget. However it only attracts one projectile, and Wamai has 6 of these, that he gradually acquires similar to Lesion.

The 3rd Map rework coming with this season is Theme Park, where they have mostly revamped familiar sites, such as the train room in the middle of the 2nd floor. This one is replaced with a whole set of rooms, as well as the arcade entrance being removed. Other quality of life changes include the click of a button to exit from rappelling, so no more accidental exits.

The test server of Operation Shifting Tides will be online starting November 11. So get ready to test the final season of the year. Will you play with the first bolt action sniper of the game, or create craft traps for attacker’s projectiles? Get ready to experience it soon.