Say Hello to Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, a new Mobile Card RPG based on the famous series


Harry Potter is spreading on mobile!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment looks to milk the Harry Potter IP on mobile as they yet again prep for a new game release — Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. This time around they’re going to partner with Chinese Games Company, NetEase. Publishing though, will be handled by none other than Portkey Games, the ones behind Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will take players back into the Wizarding World. The events of the game transpire after the Second Wizarding World War. Players will take on the role of a new student entering Hogwarts. The game will feature deckbuilding mechanics infused with a bit of RPG. Players will get to learn and combine spells as well as master the timing of its release and meet companions. The game is currently on pre-registration in China (check it out here), with no news yet of a global release. Either way, we’ll keep an eye out for further developments.