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The baby brother of our beloved hybrid is now up for grabs!

Nintendo shut down rumors a few months back by revealing a new entry in the Switch family, the Nintendo Switch Lite. It may not be the Pro model we’ve all been hoping for but it is a budget option. Fast forward to September, the device is finally up for retail.

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The Lite retails for $199.99 and you can grab it now at your local game stores. As for our Filipino brethren, our favorite local retailers already have theirs in stock for Php 11,995. The handheld comes in three distinct colors, namely Yellow, Gray, and Turquoise. The main differences with the OG Switch is that we have integrated controllers, a smaller screen, and no option for docking. So, this one is a purely handheld device. Bluetooth controllers are still supported though, including separate JoyCons and ProCons.

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