Dungeons and Dragons Online celebrates 10 years of Free to Play


Dungeons and Dragons Online celebrates a decade of free to play with tons of freebies!

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) is gifting new and existing players with bundles and freebies for its 10-year free-to-play celebration.

dungeons and dragons online

New or old players looking to start a new character are in for a treat. Starting September 13 up to September 18, newly minted characters will start out at level 10. Not only that but we’re also going to get a free Adventure Pack on the 19th via a coupon code. This code will give access to the Path of Inspiration, the first adventure pack released when the game became free-to-play. Lastly, a 10th anniversary free to play launch bundle will also be available giving the following items:

  • A +8 Tome of Supreme Ability
  • Shared Bank Upgrade (10 slots)
  • A Heart of Blood

These items will be bound to an account and delivered to the first character that logs in after purchase. The bundle can only be redeemed once per account. You can download the game over here.