Should you play No Man’s Sky in 2019?


There’s no denying that No Man’s Sky’s launch was lackluster. It disappointed many players way back in 207 and gained infamy. However, since then, Hello Games have continuously provided free major updates that made it a whole different game than when it was launched. With the recent Beyond Update, here are some reasons why you should give No Man’s Sky a go.

It features Base Building

No Man’s Sky now has an extensive base building system, with a range of usable materials as well as room presets for those who want to create a simple base. For ones with creative minds, base building is complex enough to create wonderful architecture. In addition to this, you can create industrial resource generators to ease your resource needs for Space travel. You can also set up both Plant and Animal Farms, or show off all your spaceships.

The downside the base building is power generation, where you have to create sources of energy big enough to power your entire base. But once you’ve set it up, you can get it powered up indefinitely. You can also create your base virtually anywhere, from plains to caves, to trees, underwater, or even in the skies. There’s no limit in what you can create, so you are free to build entire cities anywhere you want.

You can travel to each planet in almost any form of transportation

The Beyond update introduced the Exocrafts, which has 5 versions in total. First is the Nomad, a hovercraft that allows you to glide through a planet’s terrain, even on bodies of water like it’s nothing. The next is the Roamer, an agile 4 wheeled vehicle that allows you to travel and mine at the same time. The bulky Collossus is a truck that moves relatively slow from the other Exocrafts but has more than enough space for all your resources.

The fastest of them all, as well as the smallest craft, is the Pilgrim, a motorbike that jumps really high. Perfect for those who want to purely explore long distances while on land. For the seafarers out there, the Nautilus is an underwater Exocraft that allows you to voyage the deepest depths of the oceans.

If you want to travel old school, you can always tame and mount any fauna you encounter (provided they are big enough) Ranging from simple creatures to megafauna, yes you can ride gigantic sauropod/crab animals if you see one. The last way of traveling is the simplest one, air travel AKA your spaceship, it is the fastest yet least thrilling travel option.

no mans sky 2019

Space Travel is satisfying

The biggest appeal of No Man’s Sky is its space travel, it was created and marketed for this exact reason. You can travel this procedurally generated Galaxy (with One Quintillion Stars, each with their own fully explorable Solar System) to fulfill your Space dreams. You can travel from planet to planet to discover something new. Be hunted by Space Pirates, or hunt them down in a space dogfight, where you can choose to clash in either first or third-person view.

You can also come across a wide variety of planets, ranging from desert planets, dead planets, toxic planets, snow planets, and ones with lush vegetation. You can even use the in-game photo-mode to take pictures of scenery from the planets or in space.

Play with Friends

While No Man’s Sky originally did not have multiplayer, with the Next update, and then the improvements in the Beyond Update, you can now explore the cosmos with your friends. Exploring all the quintillion solar systems out there with your friends is an incredible journey, as you can now experience everything mentioned above together. As of Next, you can have 4 in your party, but with Beyond, you can see 16 people at once.

This can introduce shenanigans as you can try to make your own adventure. You can dogfight against each other or race spaceships to see who’s the better pilot or build bases together to create an empire, or just simply show-off your Spaceship. This can be fun, especially for gamers who love survival/exploration games like ARK and Minecraft.

Explore space in VR (Virtual Reality)

One of the Beyond Update’s pillars is the addition of VR functionality for free. This allows you to play the full game in any VR headset. So, you can now build bases, ride ships/Exocrafts/fauna, explore space/planets all in Virtual Reality. This increases immersion and will surely steal hundreds of hours from those with VR headsets. This experience will truly bring out the dream of traveling through the cosmos.

no mans sky 2019

If you come across this game, we recommend that you give it a try, especially if you are into survival games. It may have had a lackluster launch, but slowly but surely, No Man’s Sky is turning out to be a great game that will surely give you memorable experiences, and several hours gameplay. Thanks to Hello Games dedication, this game will continue to grow. So what’re you waiting for?