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If Tiny Epic Galaxies wasn’t small enough for you, how about an Ultra Tiny version?

Gamelyn Games, creator of the Tiny Epic series of board games, just launched a new Kickstarter project today. They’re making the already portable Tiny Epic Galaxies even, well, tinier. Say hello to Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies.

ultra tiny epic galaxies

Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies (UTEG) has all the components of Tiny Epic Galaxies (TEG), just in a much smaller box. To add even more surprises, Gamelyn Games crammed in the Satellites & Super Weapons mini-expansion in there too. We are getting new features though, such as five new Rogue Galaxies. So, it’s not entirely just a downscale of TEG. As this is just a minimized version of Tiny Epic Galaxies, all rules and gameplay are the same. All pledge levels are expected to be delivered by December 2019. The project lasts only 7 days, so decide fast if you want to pledge. Check out the project here and the available pledge levels below.

  • Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies ($12 | ~Php 623) — the base pledge which includes UTEG and the Satellites & Super Weapons Mini-Expansion
  • Ultra Tiny Epic Bundle ($20 | ~Php 1,038) — A pledge with the base game and an Ultra-Tiny Epic Kingdoms, yet another downscaled version of a Tiny Epic title.
  • Ultra Tiny Epic 10 pack bundle ($90 | ~Php 4,673) — A pledge with 5 copies each of UTEG and Ultra-Tiny Epic Kingdoms.

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