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Be your own superhero in the DC Universe, anywhere and anytime!

We just got a taste of becoming superheroes on the Switch with the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 not so long ago. Now fans of the rival universe, DC, get to live the dream as DC Universe Online finishes its transition to Nintendo’s hybrid. This time around though, we get to be our own superhero.

DC Universe Online was released way back in 2011 for the PC and PS3. Followed by the PS4 and Xbox One a few years later. The game allows players to create their own Superhero. Giving them options on choosing a faction (hero or villain), gender, body type, personality, movement mode, and a lot more. The standard formula for MMOs are also here such as a level system, party system, guilds, and raiding, among others.

The game is free to download and doesn’t require an active Nintendo Switch Online Subscription to play. The catch? it does include DLCs such as starter packs and story expansions. So, while it is free to download, there will be a paywall at some point, story-wise. Lastly, so far there is no confirmation of cross-play but Daybreak is looking into doing it in the future To play, just head on over to the Switch eShop. Fair warning though, the game’s file size is about 24.2GB.

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