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The latest entry to the long-running tactics RPG!

Fans can finally get their hands on Fire Emblem: Three Houses after more than a year of waiting. The latest entry of the franchise is now available digitally and physically worldwide.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses puts you in the shoes of a military instructor at a prestigious Officer’s Academy. There, you’re given the task of honing and teaching students from one of three royal houses. The game features an all-new battalion deployment system, where players can assign troops to support individual units. You can go ahead and grab a copy digitally over at Nintendo’s eShop for $59.99 (~Php 3,067) or at for a small discounted price here.

Filipino fans can also grab a physical copy over at their favorite retail stores (DataBlitz, i.TECH, GameXtreme, etc.) for Php 2,595. On the other hand, the Steelbook Edition is priced at Php 2,995, while the Warfare Edition is at Php 6,495. You can also grab an expansion pass for the game over here.

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