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Southeast Asian fans clamoring for some Call of Duty Mobile news finally receives some!

Call of Duty Mobile opened pre-registration for the western market way back in March, alongside its announcement. This time around, the Southeast Asian market gets the treat as pre-registration opens in the region.

Garena will be the ones handling the publishing for SEA. The company is taking a different pre-registration approach. Rather than listing the app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, aspiring registrants must log in through this website via their Garena account or through the FB fanpage. There are several pre-registration bonuses through different methods:

  • Via community effort — All players will receive rewards based on the number of pre-registrations. This has five levels starting from 10k registrants all the way up to 80k. The rewards are mostly skins and an emote.
  • Daily spin rewards — registrants are entitled to a roulette-style giveaway by sharing to Facebook and referring friends. Each FB share provides 2 spins per day, while referrals can earn you up to 15 additional spins. The rewards vary, with three limited-edition weapon skins as grand prizes.

Pre-registration is open starting today though there is no clear indication when it will end. So, we’re guessing until launch day.

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