Meet Gamefix, a Philippine-based game loan service for PS4 titles


Game loaning is suddenly becoming a business model here in the Philippines!

The Philippines has one of the most expansive buy and sell markets in the world. Game titles are no exception to this as you can find multiple buy and sell groups for almost any console, even classic ones. Yet, some of us, only practice this model to experience a game. Most of the posts you’ll see of people selling their copies are because they’ve finished already. That and they’re selling to get funds for the next game they want to try. However, one disadvantage to this is that once you sell a game 2nd-hand, it loses some of its value.

This is where game loaning services, like Gamefix, comes in. As they provide a more affordable alternative to this method of gaming cycle. One that doesn’t even involve getting pressured for pre-orders, falling in line, and losing some of your money’s worth. So, how does Gamefix’ loan subscription models work? Let’s find out.

What is Gamefix and how does it work?

Gamefix is a game loaning service for PS4 gamers in Metro Manila, Philippines. Basically, they lend titles from the available games in their library to their subscribers. As of now, they have two subscription models, which we’ll talk more about later. So, their model is actually pretty simple, depending on your plan, you are entitled to loan a number of games they have on hand for as long as you are subscribed. Meaning, you get to keep and play the game/s until you decide to swap it out or end your subscription.

You are entitled to unlimited swaps during your subscription, hence the “unlimited” monicker on their ad. This means you can swap a title you’ve borrowed for any other game in their library, any time you want. Of course, they have limited titles on hand, this is why they give priority to certain subscribers and keep track of the games that are still available for lending. As an added convenience, they also offer same-day or next-day shipping, depending on the time of your request.


Loaning is not all that they offer though, as they also host a monthly lottery and a referral bonus system. Each month, Gamefix will be giving away one game to a lucky subscriber. Yes, this time around you get to keep the game permanently, not just borrow. The number of lottery tickets you get is dependent on your subscription model. As for the referral system, depending on your plan you are given a discount based on how many of your friends you are able to invite over to subscribe. The discount is also dependent on the plan they avail.

What are the available subscription plans?


Alright on to the main attraction, the available subscription models. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Gamfix has two subscription models — Basic and Premium. Let’s go over the details, shall we?

Basic Plan @ Php 499 (~$9.76) per month

Alright, Basic subscribers can loan one game at a time, as long as it’s available. Shipping rates are dependent on the subscriber’s location, though the same-day or next-day shipping policy still applies. Shipping priority would be first come first served, though premium subscribers get an edge over basic ones. There’ll be no Referral bonus and only a single lottery ticket per month. This is a pretty reasonable plan for those who don’t have a lot of time to play games as much.

Premium Plan @ Php 999 (~$19.55) per month

Premium is where the money’s at. You get to borrow 3 games at a time, enjoy a flat shipping rate of Php 50 no matter where you are, receive first priority shipping, enter the referral bonus system, and receive three lottery tickets per month. Alright, so the referral bonus, as we’ve mentioned earlier, depends on what plan your referred person subscribes to. If they subscribe to the basic plan, then you get Php 100 off. On the other hand, if they subscribe to the premium plan, you get Php 200 off. The bonus lasts only up to 6 months. With this system, it’s possible for a person to receive a free subscription if they refer enough people. This is a great plan for those who play games a lot, you get to try out three titles for a fraction of a brand new game.

Who is it for?


Well, honestly, it’s for everyone who loves to play on their PS4. You get an affordable alternative to playing games and the rates aren’t that bad. I mean, Php 1,000 (~$19.55) for three games is a sweet deal. Especially if you’re the kind of gamer than sells titles after finishing them, in order to get funds for the next one. Also if you are an avid gamer who’s able to play multiple games in a span of a month. However, for a more niche target market, this is actually a great service for review websites, like us, and even streamers.

Review websites rarely hold on to titles after review, since we need to constantly test out new games. If you’re still a small-time website, like us, you won’t be handed out free review copies that easily. So, we need to buy them for the full price then sell them after, if we decide not to give it away or keep it. Which is why this type of service is really appealing, after all as long as we are subscribed we get to test out multiple games for a fraction of the price. Then again, this service is not tailored for people who collect games or loves having a physical copy of their own.

How do you subscribe?

Simple and easy, head on over to their Facebook page here and just give them a heads up. They’ll also be more than happy to answer any of your other inquiries and clarifications. Don’t forget to frequently visit them too to check out the lottery game of the month as well as any new promotion. As a last tidbit of information, down the road, Gamefix is also planning on catering to other consoles and even board games.