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Say hello to Zero and X again as Capcom presents Mega Man X Dive for mobile!

Capcom is hard at work to keep the Mega Man franchise alive as they set out to capitalize on Mega Man 11’s success. This time around we’re getting a mobile title in the form of Mega Man X Dive.

Apart from showing just a small snippet of gameplay, the only info we know about X Dive is that it’s heading to both mobile platforms. That and we’re getting another Zero and X team-up. From the looks of the gameplay snippet, we’re getting the traditional combat platform style of the franchise. As a little bonus, Capcom Taiwan is also giving away some freebies to commemorate the announcement.

All you have to do is like the Mega Man X Dive fan page and get a chance to win a Capcom X B-Side Label Mega Label Man X sticker. You can also like and share this post, publicly, for a chance to win a Mega Man X action figure or Mega Man X + Mecha action figure. The stickers will be handed out to 20 people, while the Mega Man X and Mecha action figures will be given to five and one winner, respectively. It’s unclear if we’re getting a global version but from the looks of the event post, we are. Hinted by the “Global Version” and “International Version” tags.

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