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Ubisoft’s quirky voxel sandbox MMO is now downloadable on major consoles!

Ubisoft just pushed their voxel 2D sandbox mobile MMO, Growtopia, to new heights as it is now available to download on major consoles. The game will remain as a free title.

After being a mainstay on mobile and PC, Growtopia finally opens up to even more platforms. The game thrusts players into a world where they can chat, farm, trade, build worlds and whatnot with other players. There’s even a PvP feature for those with a more competitive vibe. It’s basically your standard sandbox MMO experience. The game offers cross-play and cross-sync between the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Sadly, the PS4, mobile, and PC versions will remain as stand-alone servers. To download, simply head on over to your consoles eShop, it’s free of charge.

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