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Build away to the second entry of the Dragon Quest Builders franchise!

The sequel to Dragon Quest Builders is finally here. Say hello to Dragon Quest Builders 2, the title looking to improve on the already amazing first title.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 was first released in Japan for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 back in December 2018. New features introduced to the game are flying, underwater travel, fast travel, and 4-player multiplayer. As with the first game, players are thrown into a sandbox world in the universe of Dragon Quest. You are tasked with building structures and exploring the known world as you fight monsters and gather resources.

The game is priced at $59.99 (~Php 3,071) or at Php 2,695 (Switch) | Php 2,895 (PS4) in physical retail. Alternatively, you can get a copy over at over here.

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