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Here are your PlayStation Plus games for July 2019!

Another month means another set of free games courtesy of PS Plus. This July the US/EU members get the same set while we’re getting a different duo for Asia.

First is Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, one of Konami’s Soccer games that allow players to live out their wildest soccer fantasies. The other game is Horizon Chase Turbo, a racing game that pays homage to the golden age of arcade racing games.

As for Asian PS Plus Subscribers, they will also get PES 2019, but instead of Horizon Chase Turbo, you get Aegis Defenders, a 2D Pixel game that combines exploration, and tower defense mechanics.

playstation plus free games july 2019

These titles will become available starting July 2 up until August 5 for US/EU subscribers, and July 3 to August 6 for Asian Subscribers. Don’t forget to grab the June free games until then, these titles go out the day the July set kick in.

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