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Here we go, ready those wallets for the Steam Summer Sale 2019!

This is it, the moment this summer our wallets are dreading — The Steam Summer Sale 2019. The annual summer discount bonanza started today, June 25th and will run until July 9th.

steam summer sale 2019

Apart from offering discounted titles, Steam has added a sale event called the Steam Grand Prix. It’s basically a race to the finish line where random members of the top three teams, each day, are awarded the top item from their wishlist. To top it all off, random members of the overall winning team will be awarded up to three of the top items from their Steam Wishlist.

Points can be earned by doing Grand Prix quests in your Steam titles as well as purchasing games. For more information about the Grand Prix head on over here. As always we’ll be creating a guide for the best deals you can find this Summer Sale 2019. So, watch out for that and happy spending everyone!

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