Days Gone first free DLC out now


A month after the game released, a free DLC comes alongside Days Gone’s 1.10 update. This DLC was actually announced even before the game’s release.

This DLC will include the addition of the Survival difficulty, which removes the HUD on your playthrough, only appearing when you are using survival vision. In addition to this, the AI of both Freakers and Human enemies have been tweaked, making them more dangerous. Fast Travel will also be removed, making your journey through post-apocalyptic Oregon truly one for your survival.

In late June, challenges will appear, varying from Horde, Combat and Bike Challenges. These challenges will appear weekly. It will give you credits, which you can use to buy rewards such as Bike Skins, and character Skins. These Character skins will allow you to play as Deacon with varying outfits such as Boozer, a Nero Soldier, Iron Mike, Rikki, and more. Completing challenges will also award you with patches for Deacon’s MC vest, which gives additional stats, and rings that provide additional perks.

The first challenge will include you surviving an endless onslaught by the Freaks in Sherman’s Camp. You will be timed by how long you survive. This DLC is out now. Just make sure to update your game to 1.10, which is about 15GB.