Nintendo Switch Online Collection free games — June 2019


Say hello to the Nintendo Switch NES games of June!

Last month we saw Donkey Kong Jr., Clu Clu Land, and VS. Excitebike enter the Switch’s NES collection. This month, it’s Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Volleyball, and City Connection’s turn. The games will be available starting June 12th.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Double Dragon II: The Revenge was a side-scrolling beat ’em up released for the NES back 1990 and serves as the first sequel to Double Dragon. Although, it was originally released as an arcade title two years prior. The game puts players back in the shoes of Billy and Jimmy Lee as they vow to avenge the death of Marian, the damsel in distress of the first title.

Similar to the original, the game is divided into missions, each with its own boss and sub-bosses. Most of the first game’s villains make an appearance here albeit with revamped looks, attacks, and weapons.


As the name suggests volleyball is basically the famous ball sport turned into a video game. It was originally released for the FamiCom and NES way back in 1986. It’s a pretty simple game that follows the rules of the sport. It puts players in control of a team of six volleyball players as they compete against other countries in either the men’s or women’s category.

nintendo switch nes games june 2019

City Connection

City Connection is a unique take on the platform genre back in 1985. It puts players in control of Honda City hatchback driven by a woman named Clarice. She is on a mission to find the perfect man by traveling around the world with her trusty vehicle. The game is divided into twelve stages based on famous world locations. The goal is for Clarice to paint the roads of a stage by driving across them, changing its color from white to green. Players are able to make the car jump over large gaps and whatnot.

Police cars, who chase Clarice all over the stage, and flag-waving cats, who block her path are littered throughout a stage as obstacles. Players won’t be entirely defenseless against the police cars though as oil cans can be picked-up to stun them or they can be knocked off the stage when rammed. The cats, however, are invulnerable. Additionally, players may collect a red balloon that occasionally pops-up. Amassing three of these balloons warps the player to a new area and are granted a large sum of bonus points.