Four new Pokemon titles announced at 2019 Pokemon Conference


More Pokemon games have arrived

In the 2019 Pokemon Conference held earlier today, Nintendo announced several new titles to the Pokemon franchise: Pokemon Home, Pokemon Sleep, Pokemon Masters, and Detective Pikachu 2.

Pokemon Home is a new method of pokemon storage across different pokemon games. Included in the Pokemon Home system are the 3DS games through Pokemon bank, Pokemon Let’s Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Go. The system also allows players to trade Pokemon.

On the other hand, Pokemon Sleep is an add-on application to Pokemon Go. It enhances the Pokemon Go experience by tracking the player’s sleep patterns and having this effect some elements of gameplay.

Pokemon Masters was also unveiled at the Pokemon Conference, a new mobile game that was developed by DeNA and teased a few weeks ago. In this game, players will get to battle numerous masters of the Pokemon world such as Blue and Cynthia. The game features a 3v3 battle system where players team up with two other players to fight another team of three, online.

Finally, a sequel to the 3DS game, Detective Pikachu is currently in the works. The game will be available on the Nintendo Switch and will feature a different ending from the movie.

Pokemon Home and Sleep are slated for release in 2020 while Pokemon Masters is expected to be released within this year. However, the release date for Detective Pikachu 2 is yet to be announced.