Star Ocean First Departure R for Switch, PS4 announced


Star Ocean First Departure R is a remake-ception!

Square and tri-Ace is finally bringing a Star Ocean game to the Switch in the form of Star Ocean First Departure R. This will be the hybrid’s first tango with the long-running action RPG series. The PS4 will receive it as well.

First Departure was released for the PlayStation Portable way back in 2008 and served as the remake, then, of the original Star Ocean. It’s also the first time the original title became available in English. This effectively makes First Departure R a remake of a remake (yeah, remakeception!). The Star Ocean franchise began its run back in Japan in 1996, as the first game graced the Super Famicom system.

Since then, it spawned a whole generation of games on different platforms. The series became known thanks to its real-time battle engines, multiple story endings, item creations, and, more importantly, its similarity with the Tales series. Sadly, Square nor tri-Ace provided any other information about the upcoming remake. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for further announcements.