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Legion is Path of Exile’s latest expansion, releasing in a few weeks!

Grinding Gear Games (GGG) is tirelessly working on their hit hack-and-slash MMORPG, Path of Exile (PoE). Just a few months ago it arrived on the PS4, now we’re getting a glimpse of the next expansion to grace its system — Legion.

GGG is looking to capitalize on the success of their PS4 PoE launch with the first of many expansions that will grace the system. Legion tasks players with exploring a new region in the game, Wraeclast, riddled with Timeless Monoliths. These monoliths hold enemies in a frozen state and will be freed once the Monolith’s effects wear off.

Fighting off these waves of enemies will reward players with various items, including splinters, which unlocks the Domain of Timeless Conflict. This Domain holds the five different legions of the expansion, each with their own background, exclusive rewards, and generals (bosses).

path of exiles: legion

PoE is also getting two new melee-based Archetypes — the Blood and Sand Gladiator and Rage Berserker. Joining the new Archetypes are changes to general melee combat such as revamps to movement skills, targeting, animation systems, and accuracy as well as a rebalancing of melee skills and more. To top it all off, Wraeclast has unlockable exclusive cosmetic microtransactions to customize a player’s character.

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