New Gunbound is heading to the Southeast Asian Market this year


New Gunbound is the successor to the classic competitive multiplayer game with elements of the “Worm” series!

A few days ago PlayX4, an international game conference held in South Korea, kicked off and with it some fascinating news. One of those is the agreement between Electronics Extreme (Cabal, Dragonica, Ragnarok Online) and Softnyx (Rakion, Gunbound) to bring the successor of Gunbound to the Southeast Asian market, aptly named New Gunbound.

This classic lobby!

For a little refresher, Gunbound is a turn-based competitive artillery game with elements of the “Worm” series. You know, that title where two teams of worms shoot at each other, with varied kinds of artillery, until one gets wiped out. In Gunbound’s case what we have are mobiles, each with their own unique weapons.

What made the game quite challenging was players had to take into account several terrain conditions, wind direction and strength, elemental phenomena (like tornados), their enemy’s distance, and the like before making the shot. The game was first released way back in 2003 and became an instant hit here in the Philippines.

new gunbound

Softnyx will lead the helm in development with support from Electornics Extreme. They will be bringing the game to these Southeast Asian countries:

  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Cambodia
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Mar
  • Brunei
  • East Timor
  • Thailand

The most important change from the original game is that New Gunbound will be a cross-platform title. That’s right, the game will launch on PC and Mobile, meaning players from both platforms will be able to play with each other. We don’t have confirmation yet on whether it’ll launch on both Android and iOS though. Softynx is also considering supporting emulators. Other than that we’ll be receiving other welcome changes:

  • Real-time mode for mobile users, classic turn-based will still be available though. No word if PC will get the same feature.
  • PvE elements such as Adventure Mode and Boss Mode.
  • Additional cosmetic items for customizing the looks of characters and mobiles.

No word yet on an official release date but it’s pegged at around Q3 2019. We also don’t have any information if they plan to release the game globally. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any further development.