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As part of the 10-year Celebration, Minecraft Classic can now be played on browsers!

In just a few days Minecraft will celebrate its 10th year. The game has gone a long way from its inception in 2009. Now, to celebrate the milestone, Microsoft released Minecraft Classic to our web browsers.

minecraft classic

Minecraft Classic, is the very first iteration of the hit sandbox game. It can now be loaded on your browser via this link. The game only features the original 32 blocks of the series and the original interface from 10 years ago. Talk about nostalgia to the fullest. Although that’s not all that Microsoft ported, they also included all of the known bugs of the original.

Yes, folks, this is truly the authentic 2009 Minecraft experience. Apart from that, Microsoft is also holding an Instagram contest giving a lucky winner plus three other guests a chance to attend Minecraft: The Exhibition at MoPOP (Museum of Popular Culture) in Seattle, Washington, USA. To join the contest head on over here.

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