Dead Cells is heading to mobile this summer


Yet another amazing title is heading to the mobile platform — Dead Cells!

Motion Twin’s hit indie roguelike-metroidvania title, Dead Cells, is hitting the mobile platform soon, courtesy of Playdigious. The game made a name for itself back in 2018 thanks to its visuals, sound, and gameplay.

Motion Twist describes Dead Cells as a “roguevania” game, a combination of roguelike and metrodvania mechanics. The game puts players in control of a mass of cells that inhabit the body of a deceased prisoner.

During playthrough, players will be able to collect weapons, skins, abilities, power-ups, and money. There are also instances where enemies drop cells, which gives permanent power-ups such as additional health or new items. 

dead cells mobile

Each level is procedurally generated, while gameplay is close to the Castlevania and Metroid titles, hence the metroidvania and roguelike moniker. The game earned a reputation for having a difficulty level akin to the Souls series.

Playdigious is promising changes for mobile optimization such as the introduction of two game modes (original and auto-hit), custom controls (with layout changing options), and external controller support. The exact release date was yet to be announced, but players can sign-up for notifications here.