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Here we go again, we combed through at least 500 titles to get the best deals out of this year’s PlayStation Golden Week Sale in the US!

It’s the week of the sales (or should we say golden?) as multiple platforms slash prices of their most notable Japanese-inspired titles. Of course, PlayStation US won’t be beaten to the punch, so they generously cut the prices of at least 500 of their store’s games.

Worry not, we here at Dice & D-Pads’ got your back. So, to lessen your stress and thin your wallets (hehe), here are the PlayStation Golden Week Sale 2019 Best Deals for the US! Oh and don’t forget, PS Plus members get a little bit more extra discount on all titles. The sale ends on May 7 at 8 AM PT (11 pm, May 8, Philippine time).

Playstation golden week sale

Author’s Note: We’ll separate the titles based on their price range. We also included bundles on sale as well as the platforms of the title (some games on sale are not just for the PS4!). Don’t worry, the lists are arranged from highest to lowest too! Lastly, buckle up it’s a very very long list (use the table of contents below for assistance). 

Above $50

$41 to $50

$31 to $40

$21 to $30

$11 to $20

Playstation golden week sale

$5 to $10

Playstation golden week sale

Under $5

Playstation golden week sale


That’s about it! We’re sure we missed some titles you may have an interest in. So, if you want to, you can sift through the list yourself over here.

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