Return to the Path to Carcosa is the latest expansion to the Arkham Horror LCG


The Path to Carcosa was indeed a memorable experience, are you ready to do it all again?

Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) just announced the next upgrade expansion to their already expansive Arkham Horror LCG. This time around players will be brought back to the place of the second full-length campaign of the title, Carcosa. The expansion is aptly named Return to the Path to Carcosa.

Return to the Path to Carcosa is a supplement to the original full-length expansion. It introduces new scenarios, encounter cards, and player cards to the campaign. It throws players back to the Ward Theatre, which now has new backstage areas and characters.

Apart from the new content, we’ll be receiving, FFG also included a premium box in the expansion. This box can house the entire The Path to Carcosa campaign, with dividers to keep everything organized.

Lastly, there are new Achievement lists included in the expansion. Adding in challenges to the campaign such as requiring players to have eight doubt to win the Path To Carcosa (The Path is False achievement) or demanding players have eight conviction (The Path is Real). The upgrade expansion is now up for pre-order at your local retailer or over at FFG’s store, link here (requires login).