Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Operation Spectre Rising releases April 30th


Guess who’s back!

On April 30, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 gets a massive update — Operation Spectre Rising. Reintroducing a fan favorite Specialist from Black Ops 3, three new maps (one remastered map), and a Blackout map update.

Spectre returns as a new specialist in this DLC. This specialist has revamped specialist skills, wherein his invisibility and ripper blade has been changed to wielding the Shadow Blade. Once activated Spectre plays to a 3rd person perspective where he can dodge and lunge with his blade.

The 3 new maps with this update include Artifact, Masquerade, and a remaster of a Black Ops map: WMD (available to Black Ops Pass owners only).

In addition to this the map, there are also changes to the Battle Royale Mode, named Wetworks. It follows the destruction of the dam, causing a part of the map to be flooded. This brings emphasis to water vehicles and underwater shootouts. A new character will be added to the mode, including old man Frank Woods from Black Ops 2.

Prop Hunt makes its debut in Black Ops 4 in this update. This favorite mode consists of a team of props trying to blend in the background versus a team trying to find them.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Operation Spectre Rising is included with the Black Ops Pass. It will release first on the PS4 with other platforms to follow.