SpellForce: Heroes & Magic out now on Mobile


SpellForce: Heroes & Magic is the mobile adaptation of the hit strategy game!

SpellForce: Heroes & Magic, HandyGames mobile iteration of THQ Nordic’s hit real-time strategy and role-playing series, SpellForce, is finally out. The game is now available on Android and iOS.

Unlike its PC counterparts, the game makes use of a 4X strategy system (combat takes place on a hexagonal map, where units take turns doing actions). We are still seeing the blend between strategy and RPG elements though as heroes and soldiers in the game both gain experience and can be outfitted with gear.

For now, playable factions are limited to Dark Elves, Orcs, and Humans. No word yet on whether we’ll get more in future updates. We’re also losing story elements here, instead, there’ll be a 13-mission long adventure mode and the conventional free game mode (skirmish type).

Pricing for Heroes & Magic is at $7.99 (~Php 415). HandyGames is promising no additional microtransactions, ads, or any free2play mechanics. So, we’re getting a rather standalone game. Download links below: