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Create your own rules with the Overwatch Workshop!

Blizzard made a surprising move today as they launched a new feature to their hit FPS (First-person Shooter) title, Overwatch. No, it’s not just some improvement or update, what they launched is the Overwatch Workshop.

The Overwatch Workshop basically enables players to create their own rules and unique play conditions to game matches. Think of it as the Steam Workshop, which enables modding to games. Only in this case, what you’ll modify is the game modes of Overwatch.

Players are given free rein on the changes as the workshop gives them access to basic scripting. So, as long as there is room, players can keep on adding rules, conditions, and what not.

So, why is this a big thing? Well, for the most part it gives players the ability to add more challenges and excitement to their matches. It’s also exciting to see what kind of concoctions the fanbase will create. After all, players have the wackiest ideas.

You can access the workshop by clicking on Play – Game Browser – Create – Settings – Workshop. A more detailed explanation on how to edit the scripts and add your changes can be found here.

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