Smite is launching two new gods in its upcoming Sands and Skies update


Two rival gods!

Hi-Rez Studios is just about ready to release the next update to their mythical MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), Smite — Sands and Skies. Taking the spotlight are two new gods, the Egyptian rivals Horus and Set.

Horus takes on the role of a Warrior, while Set takes the mantle of an Assassin. Horus’ kit is focused more on being calculated and defensive, whose key skills are about helping and reinforcing teammates. Set, on the other hand, has a more aggressive arsenal, relying more on himself rather than allies.

Apart from the two gods, a new event, Battle for Olympus, will also be introduced, featuring new skins. The Sands and Skies update releases on April 30th. Hi-Rez will showcase the two new Gods and reveal more information about their skills sets in an upcoming live stream, happening tomorrow, April 17 at 3pm ET (3am, April 18, for the Philippines).