World War Z out now


The game inspired by the book and film!

World War Z finally hit the stores today as it lands on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Announced back in 2017, the game is inspired and set in the same universe as the book and film of the same name.

World War Z follows the footsteps of Left 4 Dead, where 4-player objective-based Co-op shines, mixed with the world’s intense zombies. Get ready for an Adrenaline-rush, action-packed co-op game.

The game is currently exclusive to the Epic Games Store, with no word when, or if it will, be available on Steam. It’s priced at Php 1,191 ($22.99), this is regional and may vary depending on where you are. You can grab a copy via the links below:

For Filipino players out there you can grab a copy of the game, for both Xbox One and PS4, over at Datablitz and GameOnePH/i,TECH Philippines for Php 1,995.