Grand Guilds is a Filipino-made game out now on Kickstarter


From indie developers Drix Studios!

Grand Guilds, the Filipino-made tactical RPG game from indie developer Drix Studios, just hit Kickstarter today. It’s not just your common tactical RPG though as it has its own twist. The game is set to be released on September 2019.

Grand Guilds combines a card-based combat system to its tactical RPG core mechanics. Basically, a character’s combat actions are governed by skill cards, lumped into three categories — Physical, Magical, and Utility. The first two categories are fairly self-explanatory while the Utility cards are more of like support skills (heals, crowd control, taunts, and the like).

Of course at its core, Grand Guilds is still a tactical RPG, so the same rules of the genre apply:

  • Turn-Based system (Players and Enemies)
  • Grid-based map and movement
  • A set amount of deployable characters (three with the case of Grand Guilds)
  • Limited actions per turn (For Grand Guilds this are consumable action points)
  • Terrain and Elevation elements

As mentioned earlier, Grand Guilds makes use of an action points (AP) system. Per turn, each of the player’s characters are given 5 consumable action points to use for skills (cards have varying action point costs) and movement (costs 1 AP).

Apart from skill cards, characters and bosses also have passive abilities. Character passives are unlocked as players progress further into the game. A card-based system wouldn’t be much of a system if there is no deck building involved, which fortunately Grand Guilds has. So, players can easily mix and match the various cards they’ve unlocked to create powerful decks for their characters

Grand Guilds will launch on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch. There’s also a PC demo available if you want to test out a bit of what the game has to offer. The most basic pledge (Guildmate) with a digital copy of the game costs $20 (~Php 1,036). There are special pledges (limited number of slots) that go up as high as $500 (~Php 25,907) (there were two more pledges that cost $800 and $1500 but were already taken).

An early bird promo that drops the price of the guildmate and veteran guildmate pledges to $16 (~Php 829) and $36 (~Php 1,865), respectively is also available. As of writing, these early bird pledges will end in about 20 hours. If you wish to support and back the game head on over to their Kickstarter page here.