Albion Online completes Free-to-Play transition, opens new referral season


You can now play it for free across multiple platforms!

About three weeks back, we reported that Albion Online is going free to play this April. Well, that day is today as the game finally completes its transition and has opened its doors to everyone.

Just a quick refresher, Albion Online is a cross-platform MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive that started out as a Buy-to-Play title. It was initially going to be free-to-play at launch but the devs had to postpone those plans due to various reasons.

All of that changes today though as Albion has dropped all its started packs and is now available to all. The transition also brings with it a new trailer (above) and some key changes you can find here. There will still be a paid service in the form of a Premium Status, much like what we have with other games.

The game’s referral system also received an overhaul along with its new season. This season’s rewards are — the Merlyn Cube, the Recruiter’s Pile of Tomes (worth a total 100,000 Fame), and the White Tiger mount. It will last until June 1st, so invite away guys.

Here’s how the new referral system now works:

  • Send your referral link, which you can find here, to a friend. (You must be logged into your account on the website to view this page.)
  • Your friend registers an account and starts playing Albion Online (preferably along with you!).
  • The first time your friend purchases at least 30 days of Premium, they will trigger a reward for you.

Each friend you refer is one point, the first, third, and fifth point will reward you with a corresponding item. In this case, that’s the Merlyn Cube, Recruiter’s Pile of Tomes, and White Tiger mount, respectively. Not only that, but each referral will also give you 500 gold that’s delivered to your account seven days after the respective Premium purchase.

Lastly, your first ever referral will grant a tier-8 Recruiter’s Pile of Tomes (worth 200,000 fame). This reward is also given to all players with at least one referral before April 10. In case you want in on the action, you can download Albion Online here.