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Geralt is going monster huntin’!

Exactly one month from today, PC players of Monster Hunter: World will finally be able to play as Geralt of Rivia when the collaboration between the two titles finally arrives on Steam. The collab will come as a free update opening up two special quests — a Special Assignment and an Event Quest.

The Special Assignment is entitled “Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest“, available to Hunter Rank 16 and above hunters. It will have players assume the role of Geralt himself as he goes on a quest in the Monster Hunter: World universe but with RPG elements taken from the Witcher 3. Completing the quest grants a special item, gesture, a new guild card background, poses, and titles.

Not only that, but the quest also drops materials to craft the “Geralt α” armor set and “Witcher’s Silver Sword”. Palicoes weren’t left out as they also have a special weapon and armor — the “Cursed Staff α” and the “Nekker α” set. Materials for the Palico gear are earned by completing special objectives that will provide players with critical bounties.

The Event Quest entitled “Contract: Woodland Spirit”, on the other hand, will open at a later date on May 17. This quest is only open for Hunter Rank 50 players and grants materials for the “Ciri α” full armor set and the “Zireael” dual blades.

Players will also have access to delivery requests that grant materials for the Geralt and Ciri Layered Armors. The quest will be available until May 30th. In case you don’t have Monster Hunter: World for PC yet head on over here.

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