Things you can do at GameCon Philippines 2019


Not sure of what to do? We gotcha!

It’s that time of the year again, GameCon PH is finally here! Looking to go to the event but unsure of what you can do there? Dice & D-Pads has you covered! Here are some of the things you can do at the first majo gaming convention in the country.

It’s game time!

1. Try your luck at raffles and giveaways

Feeling lucky? At GameCon, there’s no shortage of prizes and merch waiting to be given away. These items include gaming peripherals, gift certificates, and many more. In particular, Sades has a giveaway of their gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and, for the grand prize, a gaming chair! You can check out their raffle mechanics here.

2. Buy gaming merch

Of course, a visit to a gaming convention wouldn’t be complete without loot! GameCon PH has a diverse set of stalls selling items like gaming peripherals, laptops, anime and gaming merch, and tabletop games. You can check out our more comprehensive article on the things you can buy at GameCon PH 2019 here.

3. Play games

Why else would it be called GameCon if you couldn’t play games? There are numerous stalls set up throughout the event that allow you to play classic console, mobile, and pc games like Tekken, Mobile Legends, and League of Legends. Aside from these established titles, you can also try out indie games made by local developers and virtual reality games.

Quantum and World of Fun are also here, meaning that you get to take your shot at arcade games for free! However, the games you can play aren’t limited to digital ones, there’s also a tabletop section at the event by Ludus Distributors as well as some parlor games by Nature’s Springs.

4. Eat!

As we all know, gaming on an empty stomach can be quite excruciating, so GameCon has you covered with its array of food stalls. Fill your stomach with delicious food from Takoyaki to Beef Tapa as you take a break from all the gaming activity.


5. Join fun events

Aside from the stalls, the convention also has numerous events prepared for visitors. You can band together with a group of friends and join Mobile Legends and Legion League of Legends tournaments, or go solo and join the Tekken tournament These aren’t all for fun though as there’s cash prizes and numerous goodies for the winners! For those interested in cosplay, there’s a cosplay competition also taking place.

Tekken Tournament!

If you’re in the mood for learning, there are also plenty of workshops being held throughout the event. For instance, you can join a game development workshop or even a robotics camp!

Workshop room at the event

GameCon PH is taking place at the SMX convention center from April 6-7. Ticket price is at Php 220. There’s no shortage of things to do here, so head on over and join the fun!

You can check out GameCon PH’s full schedule and list of stalls at their website here.