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Ready those wallets boys and girls!

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GameCon PH is underway, and here are some of the things you can buy to tickle your inner geek.

Gaming Peripherals

Sades, Gamdias, and other brands are also offering gaming peripherals, from keyboards to mice, and even All-in-One Coolers. These items range from Php 1,500 (~30 USD) to Php 4,700 (~90 USD).


Zowie and AOC are offering a wide selection of monitors, ranging from budget friendly offerings up to high end items such as curved screen, 144Hz G-Sync beasts. Zowie Monitors range from Php 5,000 (~$100) to Php 23,000 (~$440).

AOC, on the other hand, offers exclusive GameCon PH bundles when you buy their wares during the event.  AOC Monitors range from Php 14,750 (~$300) – 46,000 PhP (~$900).

Games and Consoles

Game Selection offers its library of games, both old and new. We have consoles like the modern Playstation 4 Playstation Hits Bundle to older consoles, such as the Wii, Playstation 2, PlayStation Portable, and the like. Prices range from Php 250 (~$5) up to Php 17,495 (~$200).

Tabletop Items

Ludus is offering a wide selection of tabletop games, ranging from TCGs (Trading Card Games) like the Final Fantasy TCG and other popular titles.

A wide collection of Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder Miniatures are being sold as well as their books for those wanting to get into the popular Role Playing Genre. Prices range from Php 500 (~$10) up to Php 10,000 (~$200).

Others – Shirts, Stickers, Pouches, Toys

A wide assortment of Stickers, showcasing different gaming icons, that is sure to be one of your favorite franchises are available for around Php 10 to Php 150 depending on the bundle.

Pixel Hero PH, in particular, sells video game icons in the classic 8-Bit art style, they also sell famous pixel sunglasses for about Php 200 (~$4).

Artists can also take joy, as Huion is selling their Graphics Tablets and Drawing Screens at a discounted price. The Huion Inspiroy H640P is being sold at Php 2,790 (~$53), a big difference from it’s original price of Php 3,990 (~$76).

On top of this, you can also test out the products they’re selling to get a feel of the pressure sensitivities of the pen and the texture of the tablets themselves. Prices range from Php 2,790 (~$53) up to a whopping Php 48,890 (~$939).

Speaking of artists, you can check out Peter Xandrix’s artworks, which feature framed Lego figures of famous pop culture references, from the Avengers, to even the Hero of Time Link, paired with incredible background.

These incredible works of art are available for Php 500 (~$10) for 1 character, additional characters will be for Php 200 (~$4) each.

Long Live Play returns with their Gaming-inspired Keychains, Wallets, Jackets, and more. They’re also selling the gamecube adaptor for the Nintendo Switch for those Smash Players out there.

Iconic Weapons from Pop culture are also sold here, such as Captain America’s Shield, the Master Sword, and more. Prices range from Php 50 PhP (~$1) to Php 3,000 (~$57).

That’s it!

And there you go, if you got the budget or been lookin for good deals for those peripherals you know where to go. There’s still one day left to get those goodies so head on over to SM Mall of Asia, SMX Convention Center, tickets are sold at Php 220.

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